Sep 23, 2013

Dancing with the Tsars

At the Obama-led grave dance, it was again determined that a self-willed gun killed a group of people. More precisely,  His Ineptness blamed "a bullet from a gun," demonstrating again his absolute mastery of turning a solemn occasion into a photo-op captioned with sound bites.

I assume it was merely an oversight that he neglected to mention that his -- and I mean his --  security services decided it was dandy to award a "secret" clearance and easy naval-base access to an admitted tinfoil hatter who heard voices and had a history of shooting off guns when ever he felt a little frustrated.

Perhaps his advisers will alert him to the omission, and he will shortly go back on the teevee to add that he has been commander-in-chief for some five years and hence might bear some buck-stops-here responsibility for a Three-Stooges  security performance.

Still, I'm reserving most of my scorn for a guy a little lower on the public pay scale, our old buddy duh mare.  

"Washington Mayor Vincent Gray also called for action, saying "our country is drowning in a sea of guns."

Look, you nincompoop, the nation is not drowning in a sea of anything except debt and devalued money. Otherwise it's actually in drought. We're bone dry of politicians capable of addressing the point at hand which, in this case, is a security bureaucracy with Curly in charge, advised by Moe and Larry.

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Anonymous said...

The blood dancers are repeating the usual lies. The NY Daily News showed a picture of an AR-15 variant and a headline saying that the shipyard killer used the "same gun" as was used in the Newtown massacre. (An AR-15 was not used in the shipyard killings, or in Newtown, either.) And an editorial in the New Yorker, and a statement by former Colorado State Senator Angela Giron, said that the tragedy proves that guns are useless for protection, since it was a military base and the victims were armed. (Leftist commentators made similar claims after the Ft. Hood shooting.) Military bases are basically gun-free zones. The only armed personnel are the military police and/or the Defense Department police. And, like everywhere else,when seconds count, the police are minutes away.