Nov 27, 2013

The Bank I Didn't Buy (More desktop clearing)

But it was a serious thought for about 15 minutes last spring in Terril, about a half-hour away, a declining little town. My ideas were (1)  it would be dirt cheap and (2)  I could  do a quick and dirty rehab and use it for storage and a private indoor range.

The first notion was correct, the second not. Even at the auction price of about $2,000, she was just too tired. No intact windows, no mechanics, electricity, or plumbing, needing a roof job and a new main floor, joists and all.

It was all just too much work and expense, even for the smirky pleasure of answering the   "What  do you do?"" question with, "I own a bank."


Anonymous said...

Your so selfish... if you had bought it, then you could be my banker... a very good banker who never questioned my need for cattle loans! :P

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim said...

If I change my mind, your credit will be golden right up to the total capitalization of the Travis McGee Reader Bank & Usery Co. I suspect that will be enough to back you for all the three-legged quarterhorses in your county. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks!