Apr 29, 2014

Fashion, Sports, and the Bug-Eyed Luddite

No matter how fast I run, I can't even catch the first slight rise in the cultural curve.

For instance, watching the Drake Relays, I wonder when girl pole vaulters started buying their leaping suits from Victoria's Secret.

(I can not find it in myself to condemn this instance of gratuitous modernism.)


Knucklehead said...

huh... wha... wait! Link, please! Not all progress is bad progress.

Stepped off a plane at JFK the other day and nearly nearly lost my airline pretzels and peanuts looking at all the burqas or whatever the heck they are called.

I could watch me some women's pole vaulting, or volley ball, or water polo, or...

Jim said...

No link, sorry. It was a time filler on the local Medicom net. And yeah, better than a burqa. :)

Anonymous said...
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Joel said...

Pics or it didn't happen! :)

Jim said...

As I told Knucklehead, it was just a clip on my electric teevee, but since you insist, Joel, here's some evidence:


Charge your batteries. :)