Nov 6, 2014

The pollsters look silly now. Obama looks sillier than ever.  Pelosi looks silliest of all in vowing to hold onto her Boss-Democrat job because of her sterling performance in the 2014 House campaigns.

But no one will look sillier than some of our new Republican leaders if they play true to form. i.e. get elected, start scouting around for nations to "build," tune up the abortion drums, and schedule four hours per day for schmoozing mega money which -- with the right tax breaks, subsidies, and artificial  markets  -- might just become available to their next campaign fund.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you campaigned as champions of smaller government, reduced intrusion into personal lives, and a less adventurous policy of sending our kids off to get killed in far places.

Put up or shut up.


Rob said...

In 2000 the Republicans had it all, they cut taxes to the corporations and the wealthy then they invaded two different nations on the Asia land mass. The wars were done with borrowed money.

In 2009 the Democrats took over and nothing changed.

Minor changes were there, things for people to argue about but the real money flow & direction did not change.

In regards to your last two paragraphs..Good luck to us all!

Guffaw in AZ said...

What Lisa said!