Feb 14, 2015

Vocabulary Lesson

Optimism: That trait leading a loophole-bound citizen to stuff his wallet with all the  Federal Reserve Cartoons his modest circumstances permit AND root around for the small, light, nylon bag AND reflect that the sack would comfortably hold an Artillery Luger,  an unissued USN-marked 1918 Model 1911 AND a shootable 4" Colt Python. Also, maybe, a signed first edition of No Second Place Winner.

Reality: That mindset based on personal history of coming home  too often from even the best of the big loopholes  with the wallet untouched except for one's share of the post-show beer tab at Adrian, Minnesota where (Edit: formerly) the girl behind the bar is (was) both cute and tolerant of old farts trying to be flirty.

Sioux Falls this weekend, and it's one of the loopies we all recommend, particularly for you guys who like cowboy guns.

I suppose I wrote all this because it suddenly occurred to me that life is pretty good.


Update:  Reality, mostly.


Technical addendum. Blogger's spell check hates "loopies" and offers "loo pies" as a suggested alternative. How gross.


NotClauswitz said...

At my last fun show there was not much evidence of loopholes despite the cartoon money, but a very sturdy .44-40 Vaquero followed me home after ten days of California sunshine, so Cowboy guns have a new appeal but the price of ammo is astonishing.

Jim said...

No kidding on ammo prices. Here, 9mm and .45acp have come down a little, but they can still strain budgets..

Guys who shoot .44-40 tell me it's fun to load.