Jul 29, 2015

Well I'll be Damned; I'm a Victim

...and I'm covered under the Americans with Disability Act.

I learn from an old George Will column that I am likely afflicted,  per the American Psychiatric Association manual of disorders,  with a DSM-IV ailment. Specifically it  is oppositional defiant disorder  characterized by displaying a pattern of negativistic, defiant, disobedient, and hostile behavior toward authority figures.

It means that when I yell that Hillary is a harridan, the kind of thing to which men are pleased to be unmarried, I can't help it.

I never thought of it as a disease under ADA.  I thought I was just fulfilling my anti-statist duty by  expressing a pertinent and verifiable fact. So I am slightly disappointed to discover that I'm merely nuts.

Still, I guess there's the compensation of knowing that if I fill out the right form I can probably get some bennies.

I mentioned Will's vocabulary a while back, and I found another dandy.  I had to look it up.


It means hissy fit, as in Mrs. Clinton's behavior when questioned about Benghazi. Or learns about interns.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Yeah, me too!
I posted about this a while back.
There were reports it will be used to disarm us.

Of course, that'll never happen!


Anonymous said...

You are not disabled--you are either Scottish, Irish, or a combination thereof. Comes with the genes. JAGSC

Jim said...

I hope you're right, Jagsc. A mind is a terrible ting to lose.

And your remark is particularly welcome after my recent jaunt to commune with my ancestral spirits, almost exclusively, Scots-Irish and, in their earliest days this side of The Gap, living not more than 70 or 80 miles from the settlements of the Hatfields and McCoys. If they hand't packed up and moved west long before that unpleasantry, they have probably picked sides and started shooting.

Jim said...

would have