Jan 15, 2016

How to Think About Iowa (if you must) And It's Caucuses

Milk the cows, slop the hogs, pitch the hay, shovel the shit, go to church. Vote Republican and present yourself to the world as a paragon of fierce independence.  Picture it  this way ...

...and you'll have it mostly wrong.

 It was wrong  in 1930  when Grant wood painted it and still is.  About one year before  Wood touched his brush to this canvas  Herbert Hoover and his congress created The Agricultural Marketing Act of 1929 which said:  "If'n you can't sell your corn to actual people, never mind.  We'll buy it at a pretty fine price." A couple years later Franklin Roosevelt kicked the tax tractor into a higher gear and farmers never looked back.

That explains Bernie Sanders.

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Lisa said...

People are always wrong about Iowa. Welcome back!