Nov 19, 2018

Direct Line Ancestors

(Incomplete. Stay tuned.)

1. ...  John Farrell born Kilkinney, Ireland 1763, died 1824 near Boonsboro, Kentucky. In 1789 he married Cristina Pursley. who was born about 1770 in Virginia and died about 1830 near Boonsboro, Kentucky.

2. ... William Farrell born near Boonsboro, Kentucky on March 3, 1796 and died died in Monroe County, Missouri on October 1, 1874. About 1820 near Boonsboro, Kentucky he married Mariah Hayes  who was born about 1803 in  Oldham County, Kentucky and died January  14, 1872 in Monroe County, Missouri.

3 ... Richard FARRELL born September 6, 1826 in near Boonsboro, Kentucky and died May 13, 1888 in Monroe County, Missouri. On January 29, 1855 he married Minerva Grove (Graff) in Monroe  County, Missouri. They had several children.

4 ... John Richard Farrell born in Monroe County, Missouri in (about 1867) died Monroe
County, Missouri 1893. (Died of pneumonia after falling through ice while hunting).  He was the father of my Grandfather John Ray Farrell

5 ... John Ray Farrell  born August 11, 1893 in Monroe County, Missouri, died November 20, 1979 in a Webster City, Iowa nursing home.  He married Emma Allie Clark in Monroe Country, Missouri. They were parents of my dad, O.R. (Ott) Farrell.

6 ... Ottis Rollin Farrell -- Born May 8, 1916 in Monroe County, Missouri, died February 13, 2004 in Spirit Lake, Iowa.  In 1939 he married Norman LaVonne Dingman who was born February 25, 1913, near Lehigh, Iowa and died September 11, 2007 in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

7 ... James Ottis Farrell born September 22, 1940 at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Dodge, Iowa. In June 1965 he married Delphine LuRae Huebner who was born October 4, 1943 in Hawarden, Iowa and died in August 1990 in Victor, Iowa of complications of multiple sclerosis.

8. Jon Rollin Farrell born Dec. 4, 1965 in Cresco, Iowa. Married Kimberly van Syoc in Duneland Beach, Indiana.

8. Lisa S. Farrell, born Nov. 13, 1968 married David  Schwarz in 1993 in Wahpeton, Iowa.

9. Justin Rollin Farrell (son of Jon)

9. Ryan Michel Farrell  (Son of Jon)

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