Sep 6, 2009

The Courteous Dixie Gun Works

What a gray world we've become since the days when Turner Kirkland was in his prime. I just ran across one of his 1967 Dixie Gun Works catalogs. On the kraft mailing envelope is:

"Dear Postman: This Fascinating Catalog has cost our customer $1.00. Please deliver with HASTE and ACCURACY."

Imagine. A time of quaint and touching confidence in the efficacy of polite language.

Turner could also send you a modern gun via Railway Express.

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Anonymous said...

Turner Kirkland was a great man and I relished my chanc to meet and speak with him. He stared selling old guns out of his car trunk and made a million friends and customers.Going to Dixie Guns Works is worth the time to make a trip to Union City, Tennessee!
Rick Mayes
Danielsville, Ga 30633