Sep 27, 2014

Blog beg, especially for vintage Apple experts

Being a packrat is fun and sometimes useful. But there comes a time...

So you wouldn't believe the amount of Jim-stuff heading for the landfill, including my first iMac  (eMac?), a desktop from the 90s, big heavy old brute running something like OS8.

It served me well, and there is a lot of stuff on the hard drive. I will probably never look at it again, but I might want to.
So, you experts among  my readers, supposing I pull the hard drive.

Is there a process for retrieving the information from the old drive alone if I ever want to?

Or do I need some sort of separate hard drive to download the old stuff to before I junk the computer?

Or what?



(A nod here to all my old friends, acquaintances, and enemies from Over Yonder.)


Taishar said...

use something like this:

slade the old Hard Driver in the slot, plug int he power cord and plug the USB cable to yoru new computer and you should be able to get anything you want off that old drive

Jim said...

Thank you! I spent a few minutes with the page; makes me comfortable pulling the drive and dumping the rest of the old tech.

Joe Allen said...

The drive caddy above is for modern SATA drives. Your iMac most likely has an IDE drive. If so you'll need one of these instead:

If you're still using a Mac, the drive should mount right up.

If you're on Windows now, you'll need MacDrive to see the drive:

Jim said...

Thank you, Joe. The old Apple is dismantled and in the trash, and the drive is in a drawer.

I should have asked if anyone wants any of the old parts. Surely someone covets a c. 1998 CD-ROM drive. :)

Although here's still time. The trash guy doesn't come around until Saturday.

wrm said...

There are people who would tar and feather you for junking a perfectly good vintage computer. Not that iMacs are that vintage in my books but you know, people.

If I were closer I'd take it off your hands^H^H^H^Hdumpster, but...