Sep 23, 2014

Nautical distractions (4)

If I am not mistaken, today will go down in the history of a small Iowa city as the Day the Beard Got Flushed

Tomorrow the freshly shaven takes his departure, and I like to imagine that  he glances at the Mississippi River on his childhood doorstep and thinks: "See ya. I leave you now to master waters far greater than your little peetrickle flow." 

I look forward to having him here again on one of his early leaves so that he may confirm his suspicion that his new employer will never equip him with arms so fine as those he knew in his extreme youth.

Godspeed, Son.


Anonymous said...

If by that you mean a nickeled SA and a brace of patinaed pumps, no, probably not. 8-)

John of the GMA

Jim said...

c NIckeled my patoot. That's Bill R's stainless hawg. Besides, he's well checked out on the the behind-the-blur examples from the days when we could win a war with reasonable dispatch. He'll just need to master the little European pistol diameter and the black rifles which could easily be mistaken for tactical, mobile, espresso machines.